Dragon Dodge

Project: Dragon Dodge

Company: Hidden Creek Games

My Work: Illustrations for box, cards, and tiles.

About Dragon Dodge:

In the magical game of Dragon Dodge, two teams of wizards put their spellcasting to the test where dragons move at your command and the last team standing wins…

A simple yet strategic card-driven, grid movement team game with a modular board.


I met Hidden Creek Games at the Evergreen Tabletop Expo in Tacoma.  I was selling my dice bags and displaying my webcomic, Nwain. They liked the art in the comic, particularly that it is about a lady knight. They said they were working on a board game and looking for an artist. They had been having difficulty locating an artist who could draw a female wizard without making her “too sexy.” They wanted the game to be family-friendly, and with two young girls, they wanted female wizard characters that inspired traits like intelligence and activity–not standing around looking like a sexy halloween costume. We exchanged business cards, old school style.

Months later, we met at a cafe and got down to details. I illustrated the box art first, and we slowly branched out to character portraits, tiles, and cards.

The Kickstarter was a success!