Spirit Siege: UI Wireframes

Spirit Siege is a card-collecting real-time strategy game for mobile.  Players collect cards, build decks, and battle other players in real time.

Deck Builder allows the user to move cards into & out of their deck; name, save or delete the deck; and swap the active deck.

PreMatch allows the user to pick the type of opponent they wish to battle, and which deck they wish to use.   Players may start a match from this screen.

Matchmaking Screen informs the player of the connection status to the other player, and allows the option to immediately play versus A.I.

Paper Prototype is a form of rapid development that allows for quick iteration.  I get out the craft supplies and build a test of my initial design ideas. Then I grab someone to playtest the prototype with me.  This is a fast process that helps find missing elements and broken paths–improving the design without wasting coders’ time.

Wireframes are cleaned-up versions of the successful prototypes.  The wireframes get handed off to artists and developers.