About + Resume


I’m Terrana Cliff.  I typically work on several projects at once, often with very different roles.  Throughout the week, I might animate for a video game, design a physical product, promote my comic, and write for a text game in my free time.

When not busy creating, I go for walks, watch cartoons, and play games.  “Games” can include PC games, mobile games, board games, card games, and pen-and-paper RPGs. I just like games.


Versatile – Creative – Storytelling – Problem-Solving

Current Work:

Nwain (2012-Current)
Product:  Nwain, an animated webcomic.
My Work: Writing, concept art, animation, environment art, web design, etc.
Team: Myself, plus beta readers
Story: I started from scratch to create a new format for animation in comics, and to tell a story about a lost knight.

Avendar (2018-Current)
Avendar MUD,  online text game
My Work: Artwork for website, website revamp (in progress), level design, environment writing, real-time player interaction (game mastering), proprietary script debugging, community management
Team: Four on staff, plus players
Story: A precursor to MMOs, Avendar has been online since 1998. I played in my teenage years and came back to it more recently. Seeing how hard the staff worked, and how much work is to be done, I volunteered to join the staff.

Previous work:

Hidden Creek Games (Jul 2016-Mar 2017)
Product: Dragon Dodge, a tile-based strategy board game.
My Work: Illustration for the box, tiles, and cards.
Story: During the Kickstarter for Dragon Dodge, I held a livestream of painting two characters for card backs. It was great to chat with backers!

Nova Heartbeat (Dec 2013-May 2015)
Product: Spirit Siege, a card-collecting, real-time strategy game for mobile.
My Work: 2D FX Animation, Particle Animation, UI Design
Story: Our Kickstarter launched during PAX, and I demoed Spirit Siege at the booth.  It was a blast to watch so many new players try our game!

Slidewinder (2013-2014)
Product: Slidewinder Ring, an accessory for guitar.
My Work: Product design, logo design, advertising images
Story: I helped the inventor through the early stages of product development.

McCarthy Piano (Aug 2013)
UI design for prototype educational software in a startup environment.

Nation9 (May-Dec 2012)
Build animated e-books in Unity3D in a startup environment.


  • 10+ years Photoshop
  • 4 years Unity 3D
  • After Effects
  • Edge Animate
  • Flash

Other Skills:

  • UI Design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Visual Storytelling
  • Animation
  • Digital Painting
  • Writing
  • Listening


  • BFA Digital Art & Animation (2013) from Digipen Institute of Technology