VanCAF Wrap-up & Olympia Comic Fest This Weekend

VanCAF – the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival – was great!  People were so intrigued by my animated comic, that I ran out of Nwain business cards!*  Also, I met up with fellow artists, some of whom I’ve been mutually following for years.  The festival staff and volunteers were extremely welcoming and supportive.  Overall a great experience!


Next up is Olympia Comics Fest!  I’ll be at the Cartoonists’ Expo, sharing a table with Joamette Gil and Zoey Hogan.

When: Saturday, June 6th, from 1:30pm to 6:30pm

Where: The Olympia Center

Admission:  FREE!

*I have since ordered many, many more.


Nwain Page 39 & 40

The adventure continues!  Read Nwain Page 39 and Page 40.

Nwain Page 39
Nwain Page 39
Chaper 2 Page 38 Panel 3
Chaper 2 Page 38 Panel 3


Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream is my animated webcomic.  I write the story, design the visuals, develop the tech, and animate every panel.  It’s an enormous undertaking, especially for one person to tackle alone.  Thankfully, I have support from fans and patrons!

Nwain on Patreon
 recently added new reward tiers to the patreon, at the $10, $20, and $50 levels.


Spirit Siege UI Design Alpha Build 0.3.3

These are screenshots from Spirit Siege 0.3.3, which I am authorized to show in my portfolio.  This build is available to Kickstarter backers at the Alpha Access level.

Credits: UI Design by Terrana Cliff, UI Art by Jenn Johnson, Character Art by Caitlyn Patten, UI Development (in Unity) by Josh Russel.

These screens were built from my wireframes, which are pictured in Spirit Siege: UI Wireframes.


Slidewinder Now On Kickstarter

The Slidewinder is now on kickstarter!  It’s been a blast working on this project.  I’ve listened as it took off from the very first prototype to the blossoming phenomenon it is today.  I can’t wait to hear what the future has in store!


Concept Art

Nwain (2013-current):

A Fistful of Duckies (2013):

A target-shooting game for tablets, for a student team at DigiPen.



Other concept work for clients and self.



Spirit Siege: UI Wireframes

Spirit Siege is a card-collecting real-time strategy game for mobile.  Players collect cards, build decks, and battle other players in real time.

Deck Builder allows the user to move cards into & out of their deck; name, save or delete the deck; and swap the active deck.

PreMatch allows the user to pick the type of opponent they wish to battle, and which deck they wish to use.   Players may start a match from this screen.

Matchmaking Screen informs the player of the connection status to the other player, and allows the option to immediately play versus A.I.

Paper Prototype is a form of rapid development that allows for quick iteration.  I get out the craft supplies and build a test of my initial design ideas. Then I grab someone to playtest the prototype with me.  This is a fast process that helps find missing elements and broken paths–improving the design without wasting coders’ time.

Wireframes are cleaned-up versions of the successful prototypes.  The wireframes get handed off to artists and developers.





I’ll have a 1/3rd table at VanCaf, the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival!  In Canada!

When: May 23-24.  10am-6pm Sat, 11am-5pm Sun.

Where: Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC

Attendance Price: Free!



I’ll bring a few Nwain-related goodies, such as these postcards.  My table buddies will be Zoey Hogan and Joamette Gil, each with their own awesome things for sale.  I will most likely tweet throughout the day: @terranacliff.