My Etsy Shop: Trinket Bags

Trinket Bags

In my spare time, I’ve been sewing dice bags.  Originally, I only made them for my Dungeons & Dragons group, but they insisted it was hard to find bags like these.  Apparently, there’s a market for cute bags with fun patterns.  So I started making bags with the intent to sell.  I sold enough bags at GeekGirlCon to buy a sewing machine, and that sped up production enormously.  Now I have enough to sell online.

Check out the goods in my Etsy shop, Trinket Bags!


VanCAF Wrap-up & Olympia Comic Fest This Weekend

VanCAF – the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival – was great!  People were so intrigued by my animated comic, that I ran out of Nwain business cards!*  Also, I met up with fellow artists, some of whom I’ve been mutually following for years.  The festival staff and volunteers were extremely welcoming and supportive.  Overall a great experience!


Next up is Olympia Comics Fest!  I’ll be at the Cartoonists’ Expo, sharing a table with Joamette Gil and Zoey Hogan.

When: Saturday, June 6th, from 1:30pm to 6:30pm

Where: The Olympia Center

Admission:  FREE!

*I have since ordered many, many more.


Nwain Page 39 & 40

The adventure continues!  Read Nwain Page 39 and Page 40.

Nwain Page 39
Nwain Page 39
Chaper 2 Page 38 Panel 3
Chaper 2 Page 38 Panel 3


Nwain: The Knight Who Wandered Dream is my animated webcomic.  I write the story, design the visuals, develop the tech, and animate every panel.  It’s an enormous undertaking, especially for one person to tackle alone.  Thankfully, I have support from fans and patrons!

Nwain on Patreon
 recently added new reward tiers to the patreon, at the $10, $20, and $50 levels.